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Paladin Deck Building Guide

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Recommended Deck

1 Mana Cost

2-3 Mana Cost

4-5 Mana Cost

6-7 Mana Cost

Advantages of this Deck

  • Because of the existence of Redemption and Divine Shield, don’t worry your minions will leave the battleground too fast. 
  • Allow for Paladin can summon the Silver Hand Recruit (Hero power), you won’t under big pressure even though don’t get the cards with low mana cost at the earlier stage.
  • There are a lot of cards which can provide BUFF to your minions, inflicting huge damage to the enemies at the earlier stage. So, you don’t need to rely on the Taunt cards. 
  • The Consecration is very useful when the opponent put a lot of cards on the battleground. 
  • There are a lot adjustment spaces for the cards with high mana cost. 
  • You can adjust your cards to make Quick-Play or gather energy to explode.

Defects of this Deck

  • It’s hard to contend against the hero who can embattle and attack your hero at the same time, like Hunter. 
  • It’s likely to lose the game if you don’t have good luck to draw some good cards. 
  • The HP restoration ability is not good. 
  • Depend too much on the minions. 
  • It’s kind of powerless when you VS a hero who with strong defense and have a lot Taunt cards.


  • At the earlier stage, you can use some cards with low mana cost and the Silver Hand Recruit to attack, and cut down the opposed cards by using Consecration, creating superiority on minion amount, and then use the Charge and Blessing of Might/Blessing of Kings to make huge damage.
  • Regarding the minion cards with high mana cost, you can adjust them according to your will, but it’s necessary to have some minions with high attack ability.
  • You’d better put some Taunt cards on the battleground, just in case. The Sen’jin Shieldmasta is seems to be the first choice.
  • Because of Paladin have Redemption and Divine Shield, you can BUFF those minions which with low mana cost to execute suicide attack. But what you need to watch out is the minion which is revived just has basicattribute.



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