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WoW Brewfest Guide 2013

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Complete The Brewfest Diet, Drew of the Month, Direbrewfest, Down with the Dark Iron, Have Keg, Will Travel, Does Your Wolpertinger Linger then you will get the title "Brewmaster".

Brew of the Month
You need to buy Club membership for 200 Brewfest Prize Token and join the brew of the month club. And then you will receive a special brew every month. You will be able to purchase more of a specific month's brew from a Brew Vendor located inside Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

Brew of the Year
Sample the following 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club. You will receive the beer every month after you join the Brew of the Month Club. This achievement may take 1 year to complete.

Wild Winter Pilsner
Springtime Stout
Lord of Frost's Private Label
Draenic Pale Ale
Binary Brew
Autumnal Acorn Ale
Stranglethorn Brew
Metok's Bubble Bock
Izzard's Ever Flavor
Blackrock Lager
Bartlett's Bitter Brew
Aromatic Honey Brew
Kill Coren Direbrew.

Disturbing the Peace
While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?
Obtain a Wolpertinger pet from the Brewfest quest line.

Down With The Dark Iron
Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, "This One Time, When I Was Drunk..."

Almost Blind Luck
Fall 65 yards without dying while wearing Synthebrew Goggles during the Brewfest Holiday.

Have Keg, Will Travel
Obtain a Brewfest mount, or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.

Strange Brew or Strange Brew
Acquire the Brewfest beers listed below. Don't drink them all at once!
Brewdoo Magic
Jungle River Water
Mudder's Milk
Path of Brew
Stout Shrunken Head
Gordok Grog
Long Stride Brew
Ogre Mead
Small Step Brew
The Brewfest Diet
Eat 8 of the Brewfest foods listed below.
Dried Sausage
Savory Sausage
Spicy Smoked Sausage
The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
Pickled Sausage
Spiced Onion Cheese
Succulent Sausage
The Golden Link
A Brew-FAST Mount
Obtain an epic Brewfest mount.


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