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Neverwinter: The Fury Opinion About The New Lands Feywild





Fury of the Feywild

Greetings Warriors.

Get your weapons ready to read an opinion of the mysterious feywild.

We are all excited for this new expension.

In this expension you will find mysterious woods from the elves. Some of the woods are healthy but the other woods got a tainted curse. Oh crap now I am cursed. Hold a second, let me uncurse myself. There we go.

Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild

What do you wanna see from this expension?

A new class called the "Archer". This archer class will be a range class with bow and arrow. If this class will have other weapons (That i cannot answer). Because they use arrows, there might be different kinds of arrows. For example: fire arrow, ice arrow, normal pointed arrow, poison arrow, etc... (This might be an ability).

Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild

Some personal houses, for example a guild hall. But at this moment the things a guild has is his/her personal guild stuff and a guild vault. Also in the Gauntlgrym, I excaly want that leader of the party queue up and the rest of party members do not need to accept. The trickster class should be nerfed. Because at this point they aren't quite balanced with the other classes.

The original game had only one paragon path, so I do hope there will be a new paragon path for atleast every class. So we can choice which path we take. Also the release of the directx 11. In the orginal it was in still in beta and was ofcourse buggy. Because there will be a forest. I hope some astral monsters flying around. Like mini fairy's or something else. New items to buy at the glory merchant.

Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild

I hope some new level 60 zones. Because in original you only had one lvl 60 zone to level for. This can be boring staying in the same level zone. I almost forget about the mount tomes prices, I do hope they are lowered a lot because they do not get sold. Reason the auction house horse are a lot more cheaper.

What would be cool are eastern eggs. I haven't found any eastern eggs in the orginal game. Or any dungeon i have explored. I know there eastern eggs in titles but that is it. And ofcourse some token rewards in foundry. So you can exchange it into a gift. This gift gives you a random item/material, etc.

Which race would be best for this class if it is in this expension?

This is very hard to answer, but i can tell an archer class will be need of dexterity as main attribute. The secondary attribute could be the strength or something else. Elves might be a good race for this specific class to use. I might even say that Moon and Sun elves could be something for this class The archer.

What other features do you think which might be the incomming expension?

The features I think are:

  • Dungeons
    This excaly very logical, you won't find any maps without a single dungeon. Foundry is another story.
  • New mounts
  • New companions
  • full set Tier 2.5 craftable gear (Which are the gloves/torso/helmet and the boots)
    The gloves are already available.
  • New special items (Ancient bow for example)
  • Tomes for companions (These tomes increase the maximum rank rate of your companion)
    Price will be in Astral Diamonds.
  • Possible a challenging dungeon like Castle Never.
  • new crafting skills

There might be other possible features which we do not know yet.

Conclusion: The game will get better then the original thanks to the new content they will add. Which is still for some parts a mystery.

Warriors you can now rest after this reading battle. May you have good fortune ahead of you in mysterious journey of the feywild.

Feel free to check out the Trailer.

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