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200 Dollars - the Price of WOW Themed Mahjong Confirmed

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Last Month we introduced the Limited Edition of World of Warcraft Mahjong of Mop Theme, now Blizzard confirms the price and starts to accept bookings on May 6. The Mahjong are sold at 200 dollar for each set which equals the money to buy gametime for 3 months of World of Warcraft in China. These WoW Mahjong is limited for 1000 sets globally so Blizzard will choose some lucky ones randomly from the players who submit orders and basic information.

You can check the following site for more details.

Press this bottom  if you want to book the WoW Mahjong. The booking is only available for China now. It seems that plays from NA need to wait for a while if they want this WoW Mahjong.

Don't know what is Mahjong?
Mahjong is one of the most popular games in China involving 4 players. It is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance. It is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. It is always nice to have friends playing Mahjong and chatting with each other.


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