Lineage Eternal Service Schedule to Be Unveiled in Year-end

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NCsoft announced via its second quarter performance report conference call that they will unveil the full service schedule for Lineage Eternal in the end of 2013. One the conference, they also said that there are not big obstacles in the development and they will not postpone this game to meet the market.

Lineage Eternal, developed by NCsoft, is a sequel to Lineage and Lineage 2 and shared the worldview of the previous two titles. The story of Lineage Eternal starts 200 year after Lineage. The world of Lineage Eternal was dominated by a huge dark force so that all kingdoms have to bear insult. In this circumstance, young heroes rise to the challenge and fight for pride and faith.

Lineage Eternal provides players with an improved new battle system featuring overwhelming-scale battlefield, 'Drag Skill', activated depends on your mouse drawing trace, 'Smart View', providing the best view for players when they are in any situation, and 'Interactive Object' that you could use objects surrounding to fight.

During the conference call, NCsoft also talk about the schedule of Wildstar. According to insider, NCsoft is analyzing data of Wildstar's closed beta test and will prepare for the release basing on the analysis result.

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