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WoW Blur: Why did the Man Create 129 Accounts for Nothing

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Recently a mysterious man in World of Warcraft is getting a lot of attention among Chinese players.

Landau, a Chinese WoW player posted a thread that he found a lv 9 rogue stay in Shadowglen for 24 hours doing nothing. The rogue’s ID is Yue Yungui (月云鬼) which means Moonlight Ghost. With curiosity, Landau searched the ID in WoW Armory and surprisingly seeing dozens of Yue Yungui (月云鬼). All of them are lv 9 rogues of Night Elf. Almost every server has one Yue Yungui which may be 129 in total. Usually they were just standing there and do little interaction with others. But there are no AFK signs.

After seeing this thread, many players started forming group looking for this guy. 

Someone met him in Northshire Abbey. He moved a little and then stood still.

In another server, he was standing on the second floor of Orphanage. (How did he get there? There is no stairs) 

Akufr also found Yue Yungui on the roof. What exactly are you doing man?

Someone even made a bold attempt that he gave 1000 gold to Yue Yungui. But Yue Yungui did not receive it.

Yue Yungui was dancing with Hongzihuan.

And since trail users can’t trade, he must paid. So someone did an easy math:

Players from different servers had confirmed that Yue Yungui is online most of time. And we can suppose that he keeps 100 accounts online for 24 hours which will take him 1080 Yuan (equals one-third of most people’s monthly income) everyday.

So what on earth is this man doing? People have been racked their brains to figure out the truth. Some people even tried to kill him by leading AOE mobs around him. People think he may use these accounts to search people of other servers while others guess these accounts are from WoW employs for sort of testing. More people said these are for spam.

But so far there is no one responding to this. What‘s your opinion?

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