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TI3 Playoffs LB Round 4B, TongFu Beat IG in 2-1

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DOTA 2 TI3 Playoffs LB Round 4B was between two Chinese teams again. They were TongFu and IG. IG tried to delay the game again but TongFu successful beat IG, the last champion, in 2-1. 

Game One



IG featured on Weaver ST and Beast Master while TongFu opted Lifestealer, Dragon Knight, Doom and Timbersaw. TongFu achieved some advantage by winning several teamfight and successfully gankings. But IG applied a strategy, which they used to beat DK, that letting Weaver push lanes. And when TongFu was working with Weaver, ST was able to farm easily. At 18 minutes, Earth Shaker and Visage traded Lifestealer, Rubic, Timbersaw and Doom. ST brought Orchid. IG found their way back. They got through the hard time by pushing towers. And 28 minutes most of IG had Linken. At 48 minutes, a fierce teamfight burst. IG wiped out TongFu and crushed mid –lane and bottom-lane. TongFu called GG. IG won.

Game Two



IG was opted Morph and NP and focused on farming while TongFu picked Alche, Weaver and Beast Master which is a offensive line-up. First blood came out quite early that ST and Rubic ganked Beast Master within 1 minute. TongFu got tier-1 tower on top at 4 minutes. Alche was well developed that he got more than 700 gold every minutes in mid-game. However while TongFu was ready for battle with a strong Alche, IG tried best to avoid and letting NP and Morph farming in top lane. So TongFu had to give up their attack and TP back. After several cases like this, TongFu finally found a chance. When Storm and NP was infesting top-lane and trying to gank Alche, TongFu used TP. And NP and Storm retreated thought they forced TongFu back. But TongFu immediately canceled TP and continue to attack botton and finally destroyed Barracks. TongFu won.

GAME Three



This game TongFu picked Anti-Mage again while IG opted SF, Weaver and Lion. TongFu was very aggressive that they ganked SF at 36 seconds. And they did well in the following encounters. 14 minutes, TongFu tried to take down Roshan and IG came to stop them. Bat targeted on Chen and pulled him back. However Enigma used MEK and saved Chen then cast a Black Hole controlled IG. IG lost Naga Siren, Weaver and Bat. Then they continued Roshan. 17 minutes, TongFu traded Rubic with Lion, SF, Naga Siren and bat. 21 minutes IG gathered in group seeking for battle. Bat pulled Anti-Mage but only to get himself killed and then IG lose NaGa and Lion. TongFu pushed hard and crushed bottom lane and mid-lane. 30 minutes TongFu attacked on top lane IG had nothing to do but called GG. TongFu Won.

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