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Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua Venom Gift Packs Giveaway

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Age of Wushu's new expansion, Legends of Mount Hua is now available. We and Snail Games have teamed up to give away limited Venom Gift Packs that will help to jumpstart your journey. Get your key now while supplies last!

Each Venom Gift Pack will grant you:

  • Zichen Pill*5
  • Gold Item Bag (15 Days)*1
  • Large Ruyi Pill*2
  • Rouge Set (Female 14 Days)*1
  • Flying Waterfall Set (Male 14 Days)*1

The process of event: 
Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com.
Step2: "Like" our official social networks 2p.com: FacebookTwitterG+ Age of Wushu: Facebook
Step3: Post your comment section about the Age of Wushu on this page.

Step4: Please stay tuned at your mailbox you used to register 2P.com, we will sent the code to you within 12 Hours. 
Notes: Should you have any questions or trouble in this event, feel free to contact our staff at com2p@outlook.com. At the meantime, you can check here for more giveaway events on 2P.com. 

How To Redeem your Promotion Code:
1. Event Duration: 8th August 2013 - 9th September 2013 (PDT)
2. One gift code per account.
3. Go here to redeem your key.
3. Characters will receive the items via in-game mail within 24 hours.

About Legends of Mount Hua
Age of Wushu is a Kung-Fu themed massively open world MMO with revolutionary combat. In Legends of Mount Hua, experience heart-pounding PvP action like never before. Players will bloody their hands in open world PvP for the special invitation required to be listed as contestants. On the snowy peaks of Mount Hua, the final battles will be a showdown of physical prowess and spiritual willpower. Only the strong will survive, only the master will become legend.

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