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An Upgrade Evolution Coming To All Guild Wars 2 Dungeons





Guild Wars 2 Interview at China Joy 2013

At Chinajoy 2013, we sat down with Chris Whiteside, Studio Design Director of ArenaNet and Mike Zadorojny, Lead Content Designer of Guild Wars 2, and asked them some questions you may wanna know about Guild Wars 2. They shared with us their ideas of making dynamic events, the living world content, and they also teased something they are working on an upgrade evolution that's coming to all the dungeons. 

1. Guild Wars 2 started to develop in 2006, how did you come up with the idea of dynamic event at that time? 
: We've been playing MMOs for a very long time. When we are looking at where MMOs were at that point in the industry, everything was standardized: You talk to an NPC; he told you to go to something; you went out and you did it; you came back and got reward. The world didn't feel it was really alive. The NPC didn't really care what I was doing. So as we started looking at what we wanted to do next with Guild Wars, we started to play with this idea of what if the game will dynamically react to what you were just doing. If you save a town, the citizens will remember you and talk to you as you are their savior. But if you failed, the town could be destroyed.

2. What about the personal story?

: Because we want consequences and decisions to matter and we wanted to tell our own interesting story, the power of choice is in the player's hands, so in a crisis, you can choose to save an orphan or save a hospital. We wanted to empower players to feel like they had some control over what was happening around the world. 

3. What would be the ideal dynamic event for you? Do you think the dynamic event is already perfect?

: It's just the beginning. We talked about ideas of whether the city will burn out or things like that. But the larger scale is how do you change the world and this leads us to what we want to accomplish in the living world. It's the next step, the next evolution of this. This is the power of an MMO. The game isn't over once we put box on the shelf. We are still putting much develop resources in GW2. The bounds of this are endless.

: I think the ultimate goal is where online worlds are as important as the real world. To make an online world as important as the real world, the social systems have to mirror one another. That has to be connection to the land, and the society. That means players feel compelled to spend more time in the virtual world.

4.Why Guild Wars 2 updates every two weeks? 

: We do a 2 week update cadence in the West, and it's very much about what the community wants. It ultimately comes down to how fast players can go through what kind of the content we are developing. Also another thing is if you have to go to vacation, go to school or go to work, whatever. When players take some time off, either last week or next week, new content has come, so there are breaks for players can easily get back into it.

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