Infinite Crisis: Poison Ivy & Gaslight Catwoman Detailed

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Infinite Crisis: Poison Ivy & Gaslight Catwoman

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released two new Champion Profile videos for Infinite Crisis today, giving fans an in-depth look at Poison Ivy and Gaslight Catwoman.

Poison Ivy

Universe of Origin: Prime

Infused with plant toxins in a dangerous biomedical experiment, Poison Ivy exerts surprising control over plants to dominate the battlefield from afar.

Gifted with a brilliant mind, Biologist Pamela Isley worked with and trusted a biology professor, until he used her as a test subject. The experiment gave her stunning control over plants and weaker minds, but the process broke and warped her own. Valuing plant life and little else, she has become an eco-terrorist willing to put plant life before human life.

Poison Ivy supports her team with healing and shields while disrupting enemies with her plants. Her ultimate ability can transform the location of a fight into an asset for her team and a danger to her foes.


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