Next-gen EIN(KR) Unveiled Development Progress via New Pics

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EIN Epicus Incognitus

Having a long sleep after 2011 G-star, next generation fantasy MMO EIN (Epicus Incognitus) which is still in development set their booth at ChinaJoy 2013 to showcase its latest development progress via a series of new screenshots.

Using Unreal Engine 3, EIN(Official Site: is developed by core developer behind Kingdom under Fire. This game boasts it huge world view, unique character design and featured contents. The purpose of EIN's journey to ChinaJoy 2013 is seeking overseas publisher. It is scheduled to enter first test in Korea in the second half of 2013 and in main overseas countries in 2014.

EIN Epicus Incognitus

EIN Epicus Incognitus


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