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Rise of Mythos is a fun and addictive MMOTCG. I have played a few online TCG games but Rise of Mythos is quite unique and it has been a while since I was impressed with the gameplay of online TCG games. While most other online TCGs will be based on a lot of luck and putting a lot of money into the game will get you the best cards, Rise of Mythos involve some planning and strategy.

The game has an excellent introductory gameplay as it throughly explained, step-by-step, the major gameplay such as how the game is played and the additional support gameplay to upgrade your character, such as claiming taxes, upgrading cards and equipments. This makes the game easy to learn and accessable to pretty much all group ages.


Rise of Mythos involves using cards, currently divided into creatures and skills, and turn-based battle. The creatures are placed on a grid with yourself or your team against the opponent on the other side. Once the creatures are placed on the grid, they move and attack automatically. Though you can just let the game play itself on automatic, it is a lot more fun and recommended for you to control the card placements yourself as the computer will not always make the correct choice and some cards are better against other cards in the correct placements. Currently, Rise of Mythos have 9 different creature types with each having their own advantages and disadvantages as the creatures have abilities more common in their types. An example is that Human have repeating crossbows that can attack twice in a turn, while Elfs have strong magic.

The skill cards are basically spell cards that you use either to attack your opponent creatures or power-up (buff) your own creatures. They are divided into your character class, currently there are 4, warrior, ranger (archer), mage and priest. Each class have their own unique spells and it will depend on your playing style. Warrior as the name suggest can has power-up spells, Ranger has spells that can disturb other players or control creature position, Mages has spells that can affect creatures and Priests have spells that can give protection to creatures. It is also very easy for players to change class from one to another using the in-game item for class changing. Therefore if you do not like or get bored in playing with a class, you can change to a different class.


You can obtain cards from purchasing in the game shop using silver (in-game money), gold or rubies. You can easily obtain silvers from the game quests and playing the game. Gold can be obtained from the game events such as boss battles or by paying real-life money. You can also obtain specific cards through the "Auction House" in the game, where you bid for cards sold by other players using gold. This will be the location for where the most powerful cards are located.

I also like the team gameplay when you combine together with other players on battling boss characters with powerful cards. The game also support guild gameplay, while in a guild you can have further bonuses and you can play against other players in large match-up up to 4vs4.


I have tried other online TCG games like such as warstorm. Rise of Mythos are different in that you are able to control to the placement of your cards and therefore the combat between cards are not all based on luck as to which card comes out first or last. If you like TCG or strategy games, I highly recommend Rise of Mythos. I am giving Rise of Mythos 10/10 rating since the game satisfies both my preference for TCG and strategy games. My pictures unfortunately won't do it justice though.

Rate: 9/10



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