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Blizzard Considering A New Supportive Class For WoW

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Greg Street & Marco Koegler

World of Warcraft Lead System Designer Greg Street, aka ghostcrawler, along with the game's Technical Director Marco Koegler, told at ChinaJoy 2013 today that they are considering adding a supportive class that focuses on providing buff for the group. He didn't tell any other details about the new class. Another thing that can raise WoW fans' attention was that Greg Street teased this year's BlizzCon is a very good place and perfect time to announce the next expansion.

Greg Street admitted the huge and expanding character stats have bothered, if not plagued the game for a long time and they are going to revamp the attribution system in next expansion. Speaking of the upcoming 5.4 update, Greg Street said it will be the last major update for Mist of Pandaria expansion, but the new DotA style battleground Defense of the Alehouse won't be available in 5.4 patch.

Marco Koegler mentioned the in-game microtransaction that's caused some stirs around the community. He said it's supposed to help players who want to start a new character, and as for the Lesser Charm of Good Fortune sold in the store, it aims to benefit those who don't have a lot of time to do daily quests, according to Marco. He stressed that pay-to-win items will never appear in WoW.

Source: 专访魔兽首席设计师:暴雪嘉年华或公布新资料片

ChinaJoy 2013


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