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MechWarrior Online Honors 5-year-old Sarah by Sarah's Jenner

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Sarah Parries, one of the youngest MechWarriors, loved the Jenner with streak SRMs best because she liked to lock on. She was an excellent sport and loved BattleTech. "You guys should have seen Sarah when I brought out some old Battletech models for the first time. I showed her a Jenner that was in the box, but it looked a little bit different because it had a dome head. Sarah cocked her head and said, 'That's not a Jenner, Jenners have a pointy head!'"said little Sarah's father.

However, this 5-year-old girl tragically lost her life to cancer in Canada. The developers of MechWarrior Online were impacted very much and created Sarah's Jenner. This special Mech will set you back 10USD and the developers of MechWarrior Online will donate all the proceeds from the sale to the Canadian Cancer Society minus transaction fees and sales taxes in memory of Sarah and MechWarriors affected by cancer worldwide.

Check out the details about Sarah Parries and her Jenner here.

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