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Adventure Based Dragon Pals Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

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R2Games will be launching its open beta test on 9:00 pm 3rd May (GMT+8) for Dragon Pals. R2Games commissions 2P.com to hand out Dragon Pals Gift Packs which includes 6 helpful items. Take your chance to grab a gift pack! It will make your open beta journey more smoothly and fun. Note: The open beta server will be ended on 6/10/13, 00:00 Server Time (GMT+8).

Dragon Pals Gift Packs Contain:
1) Advanced Exp. Scroll x5
2) Amethystsx 150,000
3) Voucher x 300 
4) Dragon Souls x 1000
5) 99 Roses x1
6)Lvl. 2 Gem Chest x 6

The process of event:

Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com.

Step2: "Like" 2P.com's official social network(FacebookTwitter , G+Tumblr, Pinterest)

Step3: Post your comment about the Dragon Pals here.

Angel's Wrath

Step4: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff via com2p@outlook.com. Check here for more giveaway events on 2P.com.

How to Redeem Your Dragon Pals Gift Code
1. Redeem your gift code by clicking "gift box" in the upper right-hand corner of the mini-map.

2. Enter your code into the input field and click the Collect button to get your gifts. The items will be sent to your Inventory.


Dragon Pals is a multi-faceted, adventure based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It combines multiple game genres and various manners of gameplay to create a uniquely styled MMORPG. Players journey through a vibrant world full of stirring quests, wicked monsters, and intriguing events. One of the most notable features in Dragon Pals is the intricate Dragon Pet panel which players use to train, customize, and raise dragons they have befriended along their journey. The game features a charming graphic style as well as straight forward gameplay which increases in complexity the further the player continues in game. Dragon Pals is completely browser based, requires no download, and is free to play.

Enter a world once guarded by powerful dragons. The dragons made it their duty to protect the fragile lives of the humans who chose to remain under their shielding wings. However, a mysterious force wished to claim the dragons' power for its own or destroy it all together and darkness consumed the land. As chaos awakened, people fled their homes and all seemed lost. In a final effort to save mankind, the dragons sealed themselves away to keep their powers from being harnessed and used for evil. Now, the world awaits its hero.

The game features three classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Warriors are built to withstand great damage, while wielding powerful attacks. Mages are masters of the elements, and use magic to outwit their foes. Archers are tactical warriors and prefer to annihilate their enemies from afar.

The game has a number of popular features players will be able to relate with, as well as several new mechanics.








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