Have a First Look at Naruto Online's Trial Demo at CJ2013

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Naruto Online

As we reported a few months ago, China's famous game company Tencent Games has officially signed with the Japanese IP owners to adapt this popular manga for a turn-based MMORPG called Naruto Online. Today we've got our hands on this game at ChinaJoy 2013 and you can find our trial trailer after the break.

Naruto Online is a browser-based game. At this year's ChinaJoy, Tencent Games offered a "Chasing Gaara" raid for players to experience. Players can manipulate four game characters at most, just like it is in the manga. The game employs semi-automatic real time combat mode. There's no need for players to choose the corresponding ninjutsu or normal attack but players can cast some special skills alternatively by pressing QWERT (every character has a corresponding skill button).

Naruto Online


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