Ghostcrawler: World Of Warcraft Will Return To Azeroth

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Today we are lucky to have the opportunity to interview Greg Street, also known as Ghostcrawler, the Chief System Designer of World of Warcraft. He confirmed to us that the story of WoW will come back to Azeroth.

MOP is a side part of the main story; the main story will come back to Azeroth

Actually Mists of Pandaria is relatively an independent story. Except the collision inside Horde, most content of Mists of Pandaria has nothing to do with Azeroth. At this point, Ghostcrawler used the example of music that WoW needs a soothing melody climaxes. He said Mists of Pandaria is for the players to take a breath from previous intensive fights like with Deathwing and it is more like a side part of the classic Warcraft story. The storyline will finally return to the main lore of Azeroth.

Blizzard office in Shanghai

Naga as a playable race?

There are 11 races in WoW now. And many players predicted Naga to be the 12th one. Actually Naga is so popular among some players that in a cosplay contest organized by Blizzard in China this year, a participant even cosplays a Naga, which has got quite some attention and interest in China WoW community. We asked whether Naga will be a new race in any of future expansions. And Ghostcrawler laughed, "Naga have tail instead of feet, and there would be some problems when we design the gear or suit for them."

Blizzard office in Shanghai

We have many stories to tell, Garrosh Hellscream will play an important role in Patch 5.4

When we asked about Blizzard's future plan on WoW. Ghostcrawler said they have a long term plan on WoW. The team is not only working on the next expansion but also are thinking about more ideas for more contents beyond the next expansion. He said there are still so many loose ends in the lore where they can work on for future contents and players are interested in. And he named some examples such as Burning legion, the story and history of Troll, and Emerald Dream.

He also told that in Patch 5.4 Garrosh Hellscream will play an important role and the relationship and conflict among Mogu, Old God and Titan will be mentioned.

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