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The Dota 2 International Compendium Upgrades

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On July 17, 2013 dota team announced the upgrade of International Compendium (I like to call it a green book) and players can stamp their favorite team.

During the International, players can stamp their favorite teams into compendium’s team pages and trade with their friends who share the same interest with them. If you have extra player cards, trade it with your friends! 

Make a Predict

Prediction is also a very interesting part integrated in the compendium. Players who upgrade can make an accurate prediction after analysis the statistic offered by office. Quite interesting!

Who is solo hero? You vote!

Mid-lane solo is also a highlight in the International Compendium. Players can vote on their teams in Solo Championship to determine who the greatest solo mid-lane in the world is via compendium

Additional rewards

Along with compendium itself, players also receive a number of extra bonuses: a limited edition 125% XP Battle Bonus that lasts until the International is over, an International Smeevil courier with customization capabilities, and new taunt animations for several Heroes.


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